Give me a sable image of death
A glorious remedy
To an enforced absence of life
It relieves but it does not mend
Revenge for the sake of revenge

Could we imagine a more cruel infamy than to live on the grounds of our own defeat ?

Do you hear the philistines talk?
Oh, they have much to answer for
Simulacra of intensity displayed
Annihilation and dissolution sold

Despisers of life are they
Toothless sharks circling in shallow waters
This ruthless king will keep you safe on the shore
And let you choke, unhurt

They hung the false prophet
and beneath his foul beard
They could make out the words
etched on his parched lips
Holy and sacred as life can be
The coldest alchemy, the coldest pulpit
Damned and holy is what we are
Grit your teeth and grind the life
out of your bones, it is gold dust
It is gold dust.
Scrape them to the marrow,
it hurts but that's how you realize you're alive
May life be haunting and hunting you.





I AM A CURSE Le Mans, France

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