Behold, with our plain eyes, reduced to make out ghosts
Beseech on our bloody knees, a spark for our shriveled hearts
To beat one more time, to feel how it felt, to feel how it felt.

Be loved and hold on to your myths and your tales
Because it's all you got, since you can't content yourself with yourself
Barking at the stars while we're all clawing for life

And tremble, the relief is not granted
Since nothing is granted, not even the hand you trample

And just wait, for the end to come
Unabsolved from your predicates
Pathetic and proud
Because it's all you have ever been
But you must honor the griefs unheeded
Do penance for the lives you claimed

Get swallowed by your Leviathan
with your forevers, forevers, forevers
And witness the harbingers of your failure
The symbol of a sin I have yet to commit

They spoilt the moment for they would not keep silent
The stain of their words, the stench of their breath
Praising the mercy of their lord
That angel of death
But oh ! Look at these god-fearing fools
Look at the land they roam
This is world made mad and cruel
For the scoundrels to enthrone





I AM A CURSE Le Mans, France

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