I was right there, in the muted sound of heat
Among glowing and numb bodies
Fighting against armies of flies, battalions of lice
Pretending we were not alone

Them waves are closing in,
How raw but ever-sharpening
How could the depth look so welcoming now?
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

How I miss a lesser evil now
Proof of my very own perdition

We let our wretched souls stare,
after countless days in her belly
but no tierra, oh my!
Should we give up or should we starve to death
and let the vultures' claws whiten with our bones
We broke every single oars and oh God,
you won't swell the sail,
I know you scoundrel, you won't swell the sail

And they will feast on us
(But they will remain) unharmed and forgiven






I AM A CURSE Le Mans, France

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