.​.​.​to Give Way to the Pallid Hue of Despair

from by I AM A CURSE



Expose the disease of redundancy; full, complete
...And my nature shall no longer endure restraint
Fall the walls of desire, I will rend asunder the Word made Flesh
– for there is no mother tongue.

I have made so many efforts
Emptied so many thrones
And heard the hymns of triumph, all of them fell short

But he still jerks, swinging on that shapeless tree
People still walk by and spit on the ground disgustedly
As to honor his mistake and offer it to their fetish
To make his what was ours, and spare themselves a wrath unborne
Oh the apostate, “only the dead advocates for death” they said.
Only the dead advocates for death

I have vanquished, I have devoured
I have relished on beheading tyrants,
But victory is never complete, never complete, always lonely

The surface doesn't look like a real place from down here
The sun is a legend people lost interest in telling
Defeat passed on, from generation to degeneration.

But I had found solace in your arms
The ancient secret of the truly living
I heard the distant and forgotten chants of hope
Whispered then shouted from the hearth of sedition

Donne moi ta main camarade, prête moi ton cœur compagnon
Nous referons les barricades et la vie nous la gagnerons

The totalitarian narrative of despair
at the bottom of it all
It was to be expected
I dare say, it was to be hoped for

An inglorious wreckage, untold but underlying
For the true tragedy of Human is language itself,
Its ultimate, unforgiving wreckage
Speak in puns and irrelevance
Speak in tongues, an alien pattern.



from Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage : Civil Wars, released May 22, 2014
*additional vocals written and sung by Tony Yanick




I AM A CURSE Le Mans, France

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